Consolidating schools in south carolina

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Most of the schools serve grades kindergarten through 5th grade, however two schools, the Rudolph Gordon School and Sterling School Charles Townes Gifted Center, serve kindergarten though 6th and kindergarten though 8th, respectively. Every school district is and shall be a body politic and corporate, by the name and style of __________ (a descriptive name may be designated by the county board of education or legislative act) School District No __________ (such number may be designated by the county board of education or legislative act), of __________ County (the name of the county in which the district is situated), the State of South Carolina.A county board of education may consolidate schools and school districts, in whole or in part, whenever, in its judgment, such consolidation will promote the best interests of the cause of education in the county.HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 21-114.1; 1952 Code Section 21-114.1; 1951 (47) 546. When two or more districts are consolidated under the provisions of Section 59-17-50, the county board of education shall file a copy of the order of consolidation in the office of the clerk of court and with the State Board of Education.The percentage of exams qualifying for college credit increased from 43% to 48% (2,192 of 4,568 exams).The school district has also established a foundation that has successfully raised funds for student programs.HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 21-112; 1952 Code Section 21-112; 1942 Code Section 5319; 1938 (40) 429; 1950 (46) 2504; 1951 (47) 546.Effect of alteration or division of school districts on bonds or payment for buildings of existing districts.

In 2006, 21% of the 22,850 AP exams completed in South Carolina were taken by Greenville County students.HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 21-116; 1952 Code Section 21-116; 1942 Code Section 5320; 1932 Code Section 5353; Civ. Local school boards must include all sectors of the community, as referenced in subsection (A)(4), in the development of a policy and in the development of any program implemented as a result of the policy.As part of any policy and program developed by the local school board, an evaluation component must be included.In 2005, six Greenville County elementary schools and two middle schools were identified in a study released by the South Carolina Education Oversight Committee (EOC) as reducing the achievement gap for at least one historically underachieving student group.

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The Greenville County School District has 51 elementary schools that serve its population of 75,000 students.Alteration or division of school districts; consolidated district for entire county and district formed from two or more counties.