Cringe dating disasters

11-Oct-2020 20:23

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Have you ever been on a date so hilariously bad, that the only solution was to bury your head deep in the sand and pretend that the date never existed?

Or perhaps your date was going swimmingly well until the ‘dicksand’ erupted and your date showed his/her true colours?

But don’t sit too comfortably yet, not only did he criticize my choice of drink ‘ciders for pussies’ but he also told me that his nickname was ‘monster’ because he had a huge ‘dick’ and that I should be grateful for an opportunity to date him seeing as he was ‘so in demand’.

Ladies let me tell you something, if a guy is boasting about the size of his dick then he either has a small wiener or thinks that his best chat up line is to think with his dick the entire time.

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Especially when the majority of my friends were coupled up and would ask me every Goddamn 30 seconds when I was going to ‘find a boyfriend’.But MR Tool was so self-assured that I was so won over by his ‘womanizing’ ways, that he proceeded to tell me just how well he thought the date was going.