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03-Apr-2020 06:51

Furthermore they also appear in the sitcom "All My Love" and they even said, "During the two days of filming (sitcom) we are siblings, after that we go back to be husband and wife", showing their affection for each other.

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Of course there are special cases like Jun Jin and Lee Si Young who got together for real after they left "WGM" and Kim Yong Joon - Hwang Jung Eum who are actually a real couple even before the show. They raised the boundary so much that even fans are requesting them to date for real.Included: Steve's childhood street is renamed Steve Harvey Way. Steve attempts to forge a love connection for Claudia Jordan ("The "Real Housewives of Atlanta"); Steve highlights a chapter from his book; a bartender serves up cocktails; a 64-year-old cancer survivor fought off an intruder in her home.