Dark side of dating

28-Mar-2020 01:42

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Mélina Roberge, one of two Quebec women, dubbed the “Cocaine Babies” by Australian media, is now serving a lengthy jail sentence down under. Finally, she agreed, thinking it would be a small amount of cocaine.After receiving money, gifts and trips from her sugar daddy, she was offered a cruise around the world. But Mélina would soon be arrested in one of Australia’s largest drug busts, with the cops seizing nearly 100 kilograms of cocaine worth approximately 45 million US dollars.Removing the taboos about sex work and sugar dating, and bringing it into the open, will make it safer and more consensual. Most of these guys I just delete, but sometimes I question why they would react like that.

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There must be lonely men who simply want the company of a beautiful young woman and are willing to pay for it.

But all of a sudden his ‘Hey babes, hi darlings, and his “Um, are you still theres? Suddenly you’re getting “You’re ugly AF” or “Maybe you should try to lose some weight” or the ever accusatory and entitled; “You’re the same as all the others.” Ah yes, all the others that expect to be treated like human beings and not just faceless, voiceless, opinion-less receptacles for unwanted “compliments”.

Or perhaps, God forbid, we politely declined his advances.

But the percentage of wolves in sheep’s clothing is high in this world.

And there is a marked lack of sympathy for young women who end up damaged by the sugar dating experience. In a study of Vancouver women in prostitution 75% had suffered physical injuries from violence, including beatings, stabbings, and head injuries.

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