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18-Sep-2019 18:12

(This is how I updated cc Mixter tonight.) The translation language support did go in 100%, if that's blocking someone let me know immediately because this week is going to be somewhat crazy with cc Mixter specific stuff.

Peace, VS Change Log going back to 11/19 (v.1.0.3) Cool, I committed your changelog commits...

* ccextras/1.2: fixed: removed bogus inner_box hack * cctemplates/1.38: * cctemplates/1.29: layout: how I did it boxes should be wider tags into local .htaccess files) I also made several of the fields more dynamic, including digging up the location of the current file so it takes the guess work out of it. * 1.30: mark this installation as having ratings/remix updates * 1.4: stock class for filenames * 1.25: fixed broken advice on rewrite rules, made paths to and other hints more dynamic * 1.29: update: added new fields for ratings/remix counting * 1.4: updated to reflect new php BB2 requirements Just checked in about 55 files, most when to the cc Host tree and a few to cc Mixter only.

I updated cc Mixter a few hours ago and things seem to be running smooth.

To create a new language set (logged in as administrator): 1. Select the check box ' Enable' and click ' Submit' 3. (assuming it all works) To see the new language in action: 1. select your new language from the drop down, click ' Submit' Let me know what's broken. support so that we can customize Open Clip Art Library? Inkscape ( Open Clip Art Library ( Creative Commons ( San Francisco Art Institute (edu) few more bug fixes as reported by users... * mixter-files/1.5: typos * cclib/1.32: bugfix: subtle but scary change to upload queries to honor contest_publish bit fix: it's Megabytes, not megabit * mixter-lib/1.5: bugfix: unclosed tag (IE download was broken) * cclib/1.14: fix: it's Megabytes, not megabit * cclib/1.7: * cctemplates/upload_1.2: fix: only one zip file per record was being displayed VS been chasing down a couple bugs that came up with the performance checkin.

VS Awesome Victor, we had some DDo S style problems from a user over the weekend so missed many of these changes until now. Jon -- Jon Phillips San Francisco, CA USA PH 510.499.0894 [email protected] (All optimizations are turned on at mixter, the remix listing and artist's profile pages should benefit the most) VS 2006-02-27 fourstones * cclib/1.15: bugfix: missing argument to getting pool remixes * ccextras/1.3: added form tip help for formatted text boxes * mixter-lib/1.2: bugfix: names were chopping at wrong times * mixter-lib/1.3: bugfix: jeez, typo in last checkin * mixter-lib/1.4: bugfix: rules overlapped tags div * cclib/1.31: code feature: needed a way for optimized rendering code to get at current template arguments 2006-02-26 [email protected]

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2006-02-15 kidproto * cctemplates/1.27: Updated with new contest alert msg.VS Sorry for the delay...other things have kept me away.