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06-Sep-2020 12:37

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According to the same Recruiter Nation Report, 60 percent of recruiters rate culture fit of high importance when making a hiring decision — topped only by previous job experience (67 percent) — trumping other factors like cover letters (26 percent), prestige of college (21 percent), and GPA (19 percent).Moreover, 51 percent of recruiters plan to increase efforts in branding their employee culture in the coming year.

According to Madren-Britton, the nine signs are 1) he has his act together (i.e., not still struggling to grow up); 2) he puts you first; 3) he doesn't disappear when you're sick; 4) he asks about your family; 5) he makes time for your friends; 6) he's your biggest cheerleader; 7) he remembers the little things; 8) he's happy when you're happy; 9) he makes you feel the best you can be.

Of those in faculty positions, 92 percent were appointed to regular tenure-track positions or faculty posts at Ivy League institutions that do not have tenure.

The study's findings contradicted six common myths including: (1) faculty of color are so few that institutions must compete in the hiring process; (2) the scarcity of faculty of color in the sciences means that few are available and those that are available are in high demand; (3) scholars like those in this study are only interested in the most prestigious institutions, making it virtually impossible for other institutions to recruit them; (4) individuals are being continually recruited by wealthy and prestigious institutions having resources with which ordinary institutions cannot compete; (5) faculty of color are leaving academe altogether for more lucrative positions in government and industry; and (6) campuses are so focused on diversifying the faculty that heterosexual white males have no chance.

If you're not having much luck on-line dating, check out David Wygant's article "14 Fatal Online Dating Errors That Single Women Make" ( Gxbbqb Yl Rfj LR_).

An interesting read, but I don't think I made any of the errors he mentioned (not putting up current photos, listing what you hate about Internet dating, lying about your age, etc.), and by the end of my on-line dating time I still wasn't having much luck.

This study examined the reality of the experience of the labor market for new college faculty, especially faculty of color, and identified common myths in the academic labor market.