Dating a crazy girl vancouver canada dating

13-Apr-2020 15:25

This is when a waiter pulled her off me and dragged her out of the restaurant. About two sentences later she tells me, 'I want to take you home, tie you upside down between two metal poles and pour hot oil up your ass.'It made me so uncomfortable hearing this...

Makes a road trip across three states to find him at school. Suddenly she started to violently lick my nose and trying to tongue f*ck me in my nostrils.

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Her body is found months after the fact and identified by wallet. I literally never did anything out of the ordinary or said anything out of the ordinary to her. Charged her with some minor things like B&E or trespassing (forget which) and she spends a couple nights in jail since her parents/friends don't bail her out. I have some friends stay at my house, including Sue, during this time so I'm never alone because I'm worried she's crazy and might do something weird. Well the story starts when I broke her boyfriend's ribs (by accident).