Dating a crazy woman about love and dating

27-Apr-2020 05:37

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If you have a rough day, she completely caters to you.Then one time you disagree with her and have a little bit of an argument in which you contradict yourself about something.So she decides to sneak into your emails and reads them.When you catch her, she tells you she won’t do it again and that she’ll “be a good girl” from now on.

This is the first time I ever snooped.” I have heard that from these crazy women. You’re 32 years old, and you just decided today for the first time that you were going to snoop? They’re never quite sure where they were during the day when you ask them. If you don’t have enough sex with them, they will give you a play-by-play report of what they did that afternoon with their vibrator. So you decide that you’re going to break the “man law” and date this woman. Your life will be a life of great sex, but emotional instability.My friends keep trying to set me up with nice, quiet, stable girls, but I need to be able to have fun in a relationship!Not only that, but these other girls aren't idiots. It's not like I can pull one over their eyes and convince them that we have chemistry when we don't. If a girl doesn't have at least a little bit of wild/crazy, it just gets boring.The “man law” is that you have sex with the crazies and marry the great ones. Just wait until she’s pregnant for nine months, and all the hormones are kicking in.

You don’t marry the crazy ones, because that crazy woman is going to turn into the crazy mother of your children one day. Let me tell you, even the sane ones are insane when they’re pregnant.I’m also a father to the world’s cutest little girl, and I am an unapologetic man.