Dating a recovered alcoholic man friends before dating

10-Dec-2019 04:58

WHY stay w/someone I gotta detach from all the time????? What would you tell your best friend if she toldl you this story??????

I love him and I miss him and he won't even talk to me now. sounds like you have wonderful blessings...jeapordize any of that????

Be grateful for what u have today & leave tomorrow in the unknow future (where it belongs) - hey we're all scared about it but if we focus on the future, we lose any hope of empowering us for today/present moment. Hi FIRST I am quoting debilyn here b/c this is the gospel truth....

SHE SAYS, basically if she knew then what she knows NOW she would nver have married her A....whole post screams of the truth.

being on "good behaviour" went out the you and didn't have to pretense anymore......

NOW the real him is coming out..fighting..temper/anger, blaming YOU instead of seeing his problems.....thank God he walked away..."instability" he is accusing you of is your not being a drunk/user and of COURSE you are not going to relate to it......yea, you need to take care of you, right, but HE is the A...

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It isn't that one guy - thoughtful, open, helpful - is "real", and the other - blaming, critical, crazy-making - is "not real" - they're both real, and early sobriety is very hard work. They say AA/NA pick up substances & al-anons pick up people.They actually recommend that As not start any new intimate relationships for at least a year of not just "not drinking" sobriety, but honest "working the program" sobriety. We need to put them down, focus on us & get honest & real. You are all u can change or control anyway, we sure cant control another person & being caught in the manipulation makes us sick.