Dating a sex addict relationship advice

19-May-2020 11:50

Sex or love is just another way people try to dig their way out of depression with. They seize on whoever is available, no matter how unsuitable they are, because it isn't about the other person.

They seek affair after affair not because they love these people (although they may), but because of the existential emptiness inside and the sense that they are worthless, and they are desperately trying to find something to make them like themselves better, or at least not feel the pain because if they do feel the pain, they believe they will die. They may not be fully present in those relationships and they may not connect with their partners, but they are in relationships. It's about feeling like someone notices you and wants to be intimate with you.

There are porn addicts, love addicts, sex addicts who act out with prostitutes, sex addicts who act out in public displays, sex addicts that act out solely through excessive masturbation, the list goes on and on.

I have been able to expand my sexual repertoire immensely since, as has my husband.

We still remain bonded to each other, but are not exclusive.

I had the privilege of growing up with wonderful females in my life—including my brilliant mother, who remains my hero, and my sister, who earned a Ph D.

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My father has a penetrating kindness for the planet and all its inhabitants, including women, about whom he advised me: “Be their friend. Love them.” My desire for female companionship started young.My advice for those in recovery or those seeking help is to allow yourself to feel. When you spend so much time trying to run away from them or suppress them, you can’t handle them when they are there and you can’t decipher between what’s real and what’s not, what’s healthy and unhealthy until one day, you feel nothing at all. It’s hard sitting with that discomfort and all I want to do is run away sometimes but I am a million times more happy and fulfilled with my life than I have ever been. They’re also always in the market for good memes so please send some their way.

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