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13-Mar-2020 20:12

Those who vaped any dose of THC also reported higher levels of dry mouth and dry eyes than those who smoked it.

For example, when vaping 25 milligrams of THC, the participants rated dry mouth at 67.1 on average compared with 42.6 for those smoking it.

And they ask regulators of medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries to take note.

Vaping devices heat cannabis to a temperature in which the mind-altering compounds in the plant are released as a vapor that is inhaled.

The participants either smoked preloaded pipes or inhaled vapor from a vaporizer.

Neither the participants nor the researchers knew the doses of THC that were delivered in a given experimental test session.

"In light of increased legalization of cannabis, we designed our study to be more representative of the general population's exposure to cannabis, namely someone who has never smoked it and wants to try it for medical or recreational purposes, or someone who does not use it regularly enough to understand or predict its effects," says Ryan Vandrey, Ph.

D., associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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They also measured vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure and collected blood samples just after smoking, every 30 minutes for two hours and then every hour for eight hours.When you combine weed and girls you are combining two of my favorite things in the world and turning into a fun time for all.The only thing that would make it better is if money, that didn’t belong to me, was raining down on them. The first few pictures are of girls from Miss High Times (2009) and in competition for that coveted title.Researchers say the participants also completed three computerized tasks designed to measure attention span, memory, physical reaction time and motor movement.

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One task required the participant to replicate the shape of patterns, another required them to add up strings of single-digit numbers and the third required them to follow a dot across the screen with the cursor while also tracking a dot that pops up in the periphery.

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