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08-Nov-2019 14:03

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When I was in my early twenties, I had a failed first date which was caused by the way I communicated with the guy.

During that time I was not comfortable in my skin and I tried to mask it off with being outright outspoken.

So I made a conscious decision to unpick their communication style which was ingrained in me.

Living abroad and away from them allowed me to shape new better habits.

But then I came off as nagger complainer to the guy.

See: First Date Tips for Women: Set the Right Goal My mom likes to nag. I hated my mom´s nagging and my parents ´endless cycle of arguments, but I’ve always feared that I´ll be like them.

You use communication blocks to stop a conversation dead on its track or to change direction.

Below are some examples: Although they are natural, they´re also unhealthy because they sabotage the conversation and trigger more issues in your relationship.

See: 5 Factors That Identify Your Relationship Compatibility Why do you want to have this conversation?For example, expecting that your new partner will talk or listen like your ex did, or expecting your current partner to have the same language of love as your ex`s.Recognizing the power of your previous relationships and how they affect your current relationship is essential in helping you identify those negative messages that may affect your now.Understanding the origin of your individual style is the first step in improving your communication skills.

Realizing what mom and dad taught you and the family dynamics that you had growing up can help you make a deliberate attempt to do the opposite.

The communication style that you picked up from your parents are often reinforced in your early relationships.