Dating epiphone sheraton 2

17-Apr-2020 04:22

there's an older sunburst one in a shop not far from here, but after I got the after Christmas empty pocket syndrome... I do have an early Samick Joe Pass that is a wonderful guitar. ) Epi Genesis, easily as good as either of my Les Pauls Les Paul Elite, semi hollow body in a Les Paul size.

My Zephyr Regent with a new pickup is somehow even sweeter than the old vintage Gibson 175, guess I lucked out on that one. I've owned three Epis over the years, a Masterbilt Flattop, made in CHina, a Korean (Samick) HR custom and a late 40 Zephyr Deluxe Regent. The Zephyr, hands down, toss up between the other two, both decent enough that I'd probably replace them if anything happened to them. It's a sunburst model with two pickups and it has a Gibson truss rod cover. It's the year before they shifted to a larger lower bout, so maybe not as loud as the late 30s/40s Epiphones but comfortable.

I just got a 2007 Korean built Sheraton a couple of days ago.

Replacing the pick ups is probably the most important upgrade to me.

From what I can gather these are sold in the USA under the SIN brand.

The seller advises me that they are akin to Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pups.

I was in Matt Uminov's a little while back and here was an oval hole Triumph(? It has a great sound at a realy good price but I'm having a hard time dating it . Anyway, I play with a violinist and don't really need to be loud.

No sizzling highs, no rib-rattling bass, no sustain, just pure midrange chunk. It's a sunburst model with two pickups and it has a Gibson truss rod cover.

The guitar's semi-hollowbody design - with a solid center block flanked by open spaces in the body of the guitar - allows this jazz box to have the resonance more commonly associated with solidbody guitars while still having the open tone hollowbodies are known for.I'm just trying to find out if anyone has used this make of pup and does 70 GBP seem to be a reasonable price considering the price differential between the UK and USA. Ken It was barely 2 years ago I was salivating towards getting my first jazz box, an emperor regent. I got round to replacing the pickups in my Korean Epi Sheraton 2 with Sound of Sin Classic PAFs that I picked up used for £70.(all guitars,amps and bits cost a lot more in the UK) These are handmade in the USA by Chris Carter.

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