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Computer techs work in a variety of companies in industries like telecommunications, health care, finance, and education. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that computer techs typically receive extensive on-the-job training once employed, usually three months or more depending on the position.

Technicians with 2-4 years of experience can advance to supervisory positions such as IT service managers. Many companies offer training classes in computer networking and systems. Any training or classes offered by an employer benefit a computer tech seeking to advance in the field. Computer technology changes frequently, which makes it necessary to stay up-to-date on new hardware and software.

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Written, interpersonal, listening, problem-solving and speaking skills; familiarity with backup, operating system, configuration management, desktop communications and other related software; ability to use network analyzers, computer tool kits, mainframe computers and other related tools There are several paths to a career as a computer technician.

Many aspiring computer techs begin their education by learning about computers on their own.

Comp TIA also offers certification in networking, security, LINUX and other areas.

Computer techs who get certified demonstrate to employers that they have a specific skill set. Software, systems and hardware developers and vendors offer certifications for their products.

Some computer specialists pursue the Comp TIA A certification, which is a vendor-neutral certification that assesses a specialist's competency in installation, preventative maintenance, networking and troubleshooting.