Dating goebel hummel marks

22-Mar-2020 06:52

The original "crown" has been added to the (TM7) trademark.In the year 2000, the beginning of a new Millennium, the trademark was once again changed. Yet, it is always possible that a few undocumented variations may exist. From this start America became Goebel’s largest market for Hummel porcelain figurines. The mark can be black or blue, and is sometimes found in an incised circle. *Both marks are often accompanied by a stamped, (in black), “West” or “Western Germany”. Their popularity with the soldiers soon caused the American base PX system to carry them as regular inventory. Fig.13 is known as the large stylized bee – used primarily from 1960 through 1963. Germany” is placed to the right of the bottom of the “V”.In 1979, the stylized bee was dropped and only the name Goebel appears.The year of production will be on the base next to the initials of the chief decorator. (West) was dropped, with only the word "Germany" remaining, since Germany is once again a united country.Goebels officially ceased production of authentic Goebel Hummel figurines in 2008.Another expansion of the Goebel Hummel line was the introduction of Hummel plates.

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In 1958, the bee was smaller still and it flew deep within the V, reflecting the changing trends in modern design. Germany" to the right (1960-1963), it appeared above the "West Germany" (1960-1972) and to the left of the "three line mark" (mid-1960s to 1972).Always searching for a mark that would blend aesthetics with professionalism, the company continued to modify the trademark.