Dating guadalajara

06-Oct-2020 13:09

GDL girls: tanned, brunettes (unless bleached) some have light complexion/hair/eyes, certainly the majority are not "guera" (pale skin/blond hair/ blue eyes/Nordic-looking). At first pass on those pics above, I was like, "man, that guy better never come to DC." lol But, yea, none of the chicks are really show stopping.

Attractive all around, but I could probably find better in Miami. That area is more for bumping base club/some salsa venues.

And I'm going on record and putting it out there that this is NOT the case here.

However, to be clear, my place is in Guada centro, which is a bit aways from Zapopan which is considered another town. If you have been to all those places and did not like what you saw, then your experience was drastically different than mine. One of my good buddies is a Mexican dude from Jalisco. He says many of the women in Jalisco are hot and light-skinned. If you have been to all those places and did not like what you saw, then your experience was drastically different than mine.

I'm going to DF on May 19th and was considering a side trip to either Guad or Cancun/Playa Del Carmen. You need to like the mestiza look if your gonna enjoy the women here. All you need to do is get laid once or twice and the trip will be worth it. Tight game, dress well and you might be able to pull one. I've checked out/people watched public 'vortex' places with a lot of pedestrian traffic and places with just a lot of people such as the huge public marketplace.

West Coast posted a really good data sheet for Guad. It would be like going to the DR with no interest in women with African ancestry and saying dont come here for the girls because you dont like mulatas. I almost had two roll with me and my buddy to PV but we didn't follow up. I've pounded the pavement every day, some days for hours on end.

Girls are pretty (White, petite and nice) but very, very conservative. You can even get bad responses from locals since a foreigner is 'try to steal' a good Mexican girl. I'm just reacting this way because after seeing a sea of below average girls, the average one stands out and becomes higher value artificially.

I've pounded the pavement every day, some days for hours on end. I'm more into the upper end fresa or euro latin look. As the OP, I was formerly under the impression that there was a substantial enough white population "fresas" as they call them in Mexico. They do exist, but its like going to the philippines for chinese looking women.

Anyway, I'm planning on checking out the higher end clubs/antros this weekend to see if the quality changes but I'm highly doubting it. Otherwise, be warned: Don't come here for the girls! Try to talk to the girls, a Gringo is always welcome.Let's see..where do I begin.far as the 'fresas', which - as explained to me by a Mexican - really just means 'dressing fancy'. In each pic above, the ones on the right are 7-8 in the looks dept. I checked out club photo sites such as 2and Estamos Dentros but not dating sites, to get a gauge on the talent.

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