Dating no guts no glory

13-Aug-2020 05:02

) which is why I am giving a lower rating 10 years after having read them. Joni Hilton clearly defines love verses infatuation and teaches one how to build self-esteem so that there is no need to rely on the attention of the opposite sex to give us that false sense of worth.

When I need a nice light read I may give them a second look. All this following the main character through her hilariously life-like experiences of dating--and yes, she does eventually find true love.

This hilarious, touching, and actual to lifestyles portrayal of a tender lady looking for Mr.

correct follows Louisa on her intriguing trip via courting.

If I read this book for the first time right now I'm fairly sure it would get a three.

However, I loved this book so much as a teenager that I can't give it less than a four.

I read this book over and over again getting laughs with every reading.

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I found myself thinking "OK get off the soap box already so we can get back to the story!This book is part self-help and part novel, and is written to inspire, make you laugh, and give good sound dating advise. When I got this book (in high school) I thought it was a "self-help" book (I NEEDED it! Good advice but reading it as a mom, I got a little tired of reading that part. Wow, can we say LDS guide to dating that is put in a "romantic comedy" type way.I can't remember if I first read this in high school or college. ) No, it's actually a very humorous look at one girl and the various things she learns from different people she dates -- the ups and downs while looking for Mr. Though, I do have to admit that I liked it a lot more than I thought I would have.For Louisa Barker, contemporary graduate of Whitney highschool, an outstanding guy is difficult to discover.

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And over the following few years, her adventures take her into no-man’s land, actually.:)Part of this decluttering process involves me re-reading all of the books that I’m considering giving up . And since they have a “previously enjoyed” section at our local LDS bookstore, I’m trundling off a few to places where they will be enjoyed again! just to make ABSOLUTELY sure that I want to part with them! Although I'm happily married and no longer in the dating game, I'm a romantic at heart and the stories caught my attention.