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18-Dec-2019 02:32

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In one ad, he was identified as a 33-year-old single man named Jason. Nah, it's all muscle." Guzman's wife saw the ad and demanded to know why he had a profile on the site.He told her he never created a profile and said he never gave the site permission to use the image.He contacted the company and asked them to stop using his photograph.The company says they removed his photo within days of the request and are asking a judge to dismiss the lawsuit.I’m more interested in the character of the person that the way he pays his bills. I think this would have a more interesting take in this group given the climate right about...Seen on hot topics the question was posed on if you would date a police officer? Last week we had an incident with our neighbor’s dog.It isn’t always possible to separate people from their career choices.

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Do you believe that everyone who works at Starbucks is racist because one employee kicked out black customers?

They goofed off with the tanks and helicopters when they were bored. If you support trump, you either support the vile, racist things he does and says or you are willing to look past them for your own benefit. You may not consider yourself racist, but if you support trump you are saying that racism is okay and that you at the very least tolerate it.