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10-Nov-2019 06:00

But walking down the street is a whole different story,” he said.He dresses flamboyantly and occasionally wears make up.After all, you hear horror stories coming out of countries like Saudi Arabia.” But she did some research that put her at ease.“I was told by several people who had been here and I did my own research on the Internet and found out that life wasn’t that hard for people of different sexual orientations in Oman.”This paints a picture of a country very different from the one known to most of the world.He spent the next nine years of his life wondering about that night and the recurring feelings he tried hard to bury under his externally happy demeanour. My friends and I shared many passions like cars and football.

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Others have said the article was shockingly offensive, that it is marketing such behaviors to Omanis, and for god to forgive the journalist. Cval=7308 When Haitham (name changed on request) had his first same-sex encounter with his cousin, he was only about eight years old.

His cousin went on to get married and Haitham said, that experience, to him was merely a sexual encounter.