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25-Oct-2019 07:55

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Twelve private 50 minute Skype coaching sessions with me, held over a 3 month period (one session each week).The program begins with using your relationship history to craft your ideal girlfriend profile.We’ll also discuss the problems you’ll encounter if you SOLELY rely on dating apps/sites to meet women.This will lead us into creating a full 360 degree strategy to ensure you get the maximum amount of dates with the best quality women.Without being taught how to date in school, how can you know that you’re really doing a good job?How can you ensure that your dating formula is set up correctly? Did you have strong role models growing up that you could learn from?That the steps you’re following now are actually leading you down the path to Mrs. I know I didn’t have great role models and I would not have found love without a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely dating plan.Wouldn’t you agree that the process of attracting the perfect person, keeping the relationship healthy, and ensuring that you don’t settle for less than you deserve likely takes time, dedication, and hard work?

Keep in mind that I live/work in San Francisco, so if you’re not local, you’ll need to plan on flying into SF to meet me.

What if you could be dating a few women (or even be in a very early relationship) that you’re really excited you in just 3 months?

What is the likelihood you will get there if you base your next 3 months of dating on your past relationship/dating history?

The most successful athletes in the world had coaches by their side the entire way. For example, in baseball there are a variety of specific coaches like hitting coaches, pitching coaches, base-stealing coaches, infield coaches and outfield coaches. The answer is that raw talent is not the same as a refined skill.

Aren’t these professional athletes already at the top of their game? Raw talent that isn’t developed almost always fails to deliver positive outcomes.

This includes where to meet women who are most compatible with you, learning about some of the best alternatives to online dating, discussing ways to start conversation with women, learning non-awkward in-person approach techniques that work, and much more.