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31-Jul-2020 06:55

(If you look at the very top of the shell, on most older paper shells, there should be a paper cap that displays the powder and shot type).This may require further inspection and research by the collector to determine just what you have.Shells may be made with Black Powder or smokeless powder.The casing may be paper, plastic or Metal (usually brass or Aluminum).The guess is that UMC used surplus 20 gauge shells to make the experimental 18 gauge shells. There are a lot of variable to shotshells and often the box is the only surefire way to date the shell.often find shell heads and I am often asked for values on these shells.Unfortunately to Cartridge collectors, just the heads of these shells are absolutely value less.The contents of the shell is also of great importance to proper identification.

MTM strives to be innovative in our approach to the shooting sports.Only 1 in 9 shooting and hunting related manufacturers will give back a portion of their sales to the industry to contribute to fighting the good fight for the 2nd Amendment.To find out more click on the Hunting & Shooting Sports Heritage Fund Logo.For example, the "Winchester" only headstamp is used on Winchester Standard loads, Winchester Magnum Loads, Winchester Duck and Pheasant Loads and various other Winchester shot shells as well as shells loaded by many different companies.

It is therefore important to note what is written on the shell casing itself (either on the top wad or written on the casing) to aid in the identification of the shell.The shell may be loaded with a slug or shot (size 0000 all the way up to #12 or dust shot), On some headstamps (Especially Brass) there may also be an A or a B after the gauge.