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12-Jun-2020 17:22

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In Hamburg John Lennon soon started to modify his guitar.

The first alteration he made was to remove the TV-style control knobs and replace them with Hofner types.

His adopting of the 325 Rickenbacker and his eventual refinishing to black has sent many an enthusiast on the hunt for the reasons underlying this change.

Whatever the reason, no single guitar at that time had the impact of Lennon's black 325.

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The store was Fentons Music Store in Mount Vernon, Illinois, and the man who claims to have been the one to sell it was "Tiny" Len Wymette. A further elaboration of this situation is discussed later in the article.

So thats it, but that Rickenbacker is the number two, apparently its the second one made, and I found out that it was actually a radio station bought it from Rickenbacker and presented it to me.

Well, you have to imagine in those days as we were first out of Liverpool any good American guitar looked sensational to us, and we only had old beat-up, crummy guitars at that stage, and we still really didnt have any money to buyem but I remember we bought, like John got that Rickenbacker and I got this amplifier and we got them on, what they call, on "a knocker", you know, pound down, the rest when they catch you, and....

The first twelve string manufactured had a conventional twelve string setup. While Harrison's 12 string was the second one made, nonetheless, it had the distinction of being a prototype for all subsequent instruments as far as the manner in which they would be strung.

On Georges guitar, the octave counterparts to the four lower strings, were reversed with the octave strings occurring second in the string pairs. George Harrisons guitar had a crescent soundhole, triangle inlays, trapeze tailpiece, double white pickguards and black control knobs. This model is available in a reissue version, the model 360/12V64.

He bought a Bigsby unit from salesman Jim Getty at Hessys music store in Liverpool. The guitar was put on the counterand the modifications were made while still being in the store.