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30-Oct-2019 22:46

A three-dimensional person, with all their idiosyncrasies and quirks, gets reduced to a two-dimensional display.There’s no semblance of a “real” interaction between two people.Of all gripes people have with dating apps, there’s one that takes the cake: Ghosting.Researching the paranormal in dating apps Despite its widespread occurrence, only very recently have psychologists turned their attention to ghosting. Leah Le Febvre recently published a study in the journal which attempted to explore some of these nuances.

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And so the argument goes as follows: Get an app that is able to reinsert these social and human elements, in such a way that it’s able to approximate the complex interactive features of a face-to-face conversation, and you should see better relationship outcomes through use of the app.Fortunately, that’s the direction we’re headed in the dating app market.

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