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He strikes a deal with the bar in order to prevent him from being disbarred, on the condition that he graduate from an existing college with an actual degree.

While brainstorming the right college to attend, he ate at a frozen-yogurt restaurant and overheard a conversation elucidating the ease of graduation from Greendale Community College.

Remembering that Ian Duncan was a professor there, Jeff decided to attend, hoping that Duncan would help him graduate as quickly as possible.

In the pilot, Jeff forms and joins the study group because he is attracted to his classmate Britta, whom he tries (and fails) to seduce.

A slave to be used and degraded and humiliated by hot brats like Me. Though he was clad in nothing but gray swim trunks, he had the air of an angry king of old, displeased with a visitor.

Marcy nodded, then started to say something, but cut herself off. Shortly after the door opened the capsules slid out of the hanger bay disappearing into the darkness of space.

At the beginning of season two, Britta recants her declaration of love for Jeff, saying she was caught up in the spirit of competition, and he comes to an uneasy understanding with both Britta and Annie.

Jeff enjoys being in positions of authority and command and acts as the effective leader of the group. As soon as an advanced civilization can, it dumps radio except for very short-range use, which doesn't need much power so doesn't spread far.

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The beaches are not public so be prepared to run if you stop to soak up the sun. Take them to a planetarium and as a surprise, show them that you’ve bought them a star. Go to a fancy restaurant together and treat each other like royalty. Plan an elaborate multi-course meal of food they will love complete with romantic candles and table settings. … continue reading »

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