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22-Apr-2020 22:37

Not everyone is willing to attempt a long distance relationship—even for love!What you need is a way to find singles in Los Angeles!In fact, today's fast-paced world may have made pinpointing your forever partner more challenging than ever.

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But according to Chicago matchmaker Brittney Smiejek with Three Day Rule, the trick is to look for opportunities everywhere.

"There’s always the possibility of finding your soulmate anywhere, you just have to have the courage to put yourself out there," she says.

"If you see someone that interests you, go up and introduce yourself. " She says that some of the best places to scope out potential partners include the grocery store, the dog park, on public transportation, at happy hour, and at live events like baseball games or concerts.

Where you can, talk about subjects that you are both interested in and keep ex's well away from the conversation." According to the survey, Brits are more likely to meet the love of their life at a social gathering than at work or through actively trying to date.

The research, which polled 2,000 British adults, found that a quarter of all married couples met either on a night out or a day out with their friends. One in five met their other halves through work, and another one in 10 married their childhood sweetheart. And where should you go on your first date once you've met the prospective One? Was it through a chance encounter or did you go out for a drink? It is no coincidence that food & love go hand in hand, but there is more to it than just delicious food and an effect on taste buds, there is a science to the perfect meal. You won't believe how many people prefer their pet to their O/H...