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11-Feb-2020 22:50

And the truth is our whole love lives can hang on a few measly words written in a text. But just before I do, there are certain types of texts you should NEVER send a guy you like. And even worse, could even see your number deleted from his cell for good! Filling your man’s inbox with texts about your every waking move is a big no-no.

Kinda sad but it’s the reality of the smartphone generation. You write, delete, write, delete over and over, driving yourself to the point of anxiety…Now you’re starting to question whether you should even be texting him. These messages suck because they don’t do anything to stir up emotion in your guy, and not to mention they make you seem incredibly boring. As much as you think it’s the end of the world that the coffee shop is out of your favorite bagel, he doesn’t care, nor does he want to know.

This is a light-hearted, humorous text to make the guy you’re into laugh.

Laughter is one of the easiest ways to a man’s heart. And don’t add This really turns up the heat and arouses his imagination!

Until your man is totally hooked, lying next to you in bed every morning with eyes only for you, interest can disappear in seconds if you don’t keep sending the right things to push your man’s buttons. Oh, and be sure to drop me a comment and let me know all about it.“Hey Amy… If you’re searching for the man of your dreams, or you want make your boyfriend stay devoted to you, then Amy North is your gal!

OK, ladies, now it’s time to reach for that phone and start igniting your man’s desire with the flirty texts you’ve just discovered! I gave a few of your techniques a try, like the stuff about texting… Amy's incredibly popular You Tube channel, which boasts over 340,000 subscribers and 20 million views, helps women learn how to get what they want out of their relationships.

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Today I’m going to give you the inside scoop on both! This one might sound obvious but if you want to win a man’s heart by texting him, never send him anything negative or depressing.

Anyone who’s ever dated knows how confusing and frustrating working out what to text a guy can be. with the guy you like just because you wrote the wrong thing in a text? There’s nothing that kills a powerfully flirty text message like spelling mistakes or an embarrassing autocorrect.