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Some see similarities with the Epistle of Barnabas and so suggest a link with him and hence with Paul.However, we cannot be sure if any of the apostles were directly involved in its production or transmission, although there is no doubt that the essential thrust of the has been described as having an archaic simplicity (which fits its early dating). It contains no detailed creed, no exalted titles of Jesus, no lofty theology or doctrine.

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Certainly there is a Jewish quality inherent in the text.It does get an occasional mention in later times, but for centuries it was assumed that copies no longer existed. A Greek Orthodox Archbishop, Philotheos Bryennios, was browsing in the library of the Greek Convent of the Holy Sepulchre in Constantinople and found a text lodged between two longer works in a single bound volume of Christian manuscripts. After a few years it was judged authentic and dated as a copy from 1056. When the first English translation was released in 1884, it sold 5,000 copies on the first day.