Dating vox ac30 amps

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Instead, RM came out with a “Silver Jubilee” version in 1985 that trimmed back the gain in the preamp stage—a workaround for the cheap tubes available at the time.Though Korg began its life as a Japanese builder of drum machines and keyboards it’s beyond doubt that their involvement with Vox saved the brand and made it more robust for the 21st Century.As a thank you, Epstein promised Clark that when the Fabs became big, they would always play Vox amps through their career. And for Clark, not a bad trade-in: “It was the biggest promotional score ever, for absolutely free,” Elyea says. Around 1967, Vox (now owned by a company called Royston) lost both Dick Denney and Tom Jennings.

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Also popular: the AC30 "Super Twin" with a trapezoid-shaped head, its cabinet mounted on a trolley.

British big band guitarist Dick Denney is credited as the godfather of the Vox AC30, along with engineer Derek Underdown.

Denney began work on the earliest version (with a single speaker) in 1959.

Most rock fans associate Pete Townshend with Marshall & Hiwatt amplifiers.

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But before that, Townshend and bassist John Entwistle entered into a Vox endorsement, and used the amps to propel their early studio and stage efforts. Though not as well known in America as other guitar heroes of the era, Vic Flick will forever remain in the hearts of Swinging '60s fans as the axe man who wrote and played the James Bond theme—through a Vox, it turns out. His signature model of the AC30, no longer made, has one volume knob on it—that’s it.

As Elyea describes it, Epstein pulled up in a Rolls Royce and smooth-talked Clark into trading two new AC30s for the band’s two beat-up ones, even up.