Dating younger whos jamie foxx dating

11-Feb-2020 19:30

In general, younger men typically are in a lot better shape as well. If you think you have stamina in bed, get ready for a reality check.

They have a lot more time on their hands, and the younger generation simply grew up eating clean or and making the gym experience a regular thing. When you’re dating a hot young man, they are literally in the peak of their sexual prime.

Looking for a younger man to play a dad role is not something that you should be doing for the two reasons that I mentioned above.

They are not “dad material.” If you are looking to have children in the very near future, look to people around your age or slightly younger instead of a young cub.

Younger men typically tend to be a lot more adventurous.

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Let’s pounce right into the meat of the article, shall we?

Dating a younger man gives you the feeling of a completely clean slate.

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