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30-May-2020 01:27

You work with a vulnerable population, even if one of vulnerable adults, and it's reasonable to expect that your employer won't want your boyfriend anywhere around your place of work. But of course, if your employer never learns your boyfriend/spouse is a registered sex offender (RSO) then nothing will come of it.

You don’t have a legal obligation to tell your employer he is a RSO and presumably your employer doesn’t routinely run internet searches on the spouses of employees. The employer might do some digging if the guy starts showing up at your workplace, so it's probably a good idea to simply keep him out of the eye of your employer as much as possible.

So absent an employment contract, an employer is free to fire you if they disagree with it and a prospective employer is free not to hire you if they disagree with it. The fact of the matter is that the consequences of doing something to wind up on the registry can carry over to those around the offender.

You're on the Internet, so some people are going to share their opinions. I guess I expected something less than the decisive nature of other sites and was shocked at first. People are entitled to their opinions wherever I go, and those opinions can come out sounding unrealistic and without-all-the-facts over the internet. I looked over some other threads first about a woman marrying a sex offender and kept visiting him in prison while she was a college kid.

It is sad that I should keep him away from work because we have a lot of charity events, I like to volunteer and it would be nice to have 'my person' with me; but I understand what you say about 'out of sight'.

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I'd personally be worried that it was a plea deal to get a lesser charge.

I have to agree that a 19 yr old messing with a 13 yr old should have known much better. Do you want your life and a career with children to be affected?My question involves criminal law for the state of: Kansas I've been dating a man.

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