Deeper dating experience Advance a i sex chat

19-Sep-2019 04:00

In his new book, Deeper Dating, Page reports that hairstyles and game playing aren’t the key to romance.

Not that it isn’t hard work, this real-love finding.

You need to be kind, focused, brave, and fiercely discriminating about whom you share your time with.

He counsels that in order to find love, we need to focus on something he calls our core gifts, and this is really interesting because core gifts are often things we don’t consider assets.

It’s easy to get cynical or withdraw or blame it all on the modern dating marketplace (or worse, yourself!

), but the truth is that another way IS possible – one that makes the journey more enjoyable AND transformational, as well as more likely to lead to the real love you want.

In other words, dating becomes a journey of self-revelation in which you discover and share more about your true self in the context of getting to know the true self of others.

Your relationship wounds shift from being obstacles you carefully avoid to doorways into unconditional love and unexpected blessings for yourself AND others.

excellent news: You don’t need to be a size 2, a hot blonde, or a Harvard grad to find lasting love.