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25-Nov-2019 14:56

Kandi and her co-hosts are shooting a revamped version of Kandi Koated Nights (they have a set now, which was created at the behest of Todd), and the topic is about having sexual relations with someone you work with.

Kandi ended up marrying her former co-worker (Todd used to be a line producer for “RHOA”), and while there are perks to such a relationship, she admits that these days, all they talk about is work now that they partner up on everything together: “It turns into business all the time.” Claudia is the special guest for Kandi Koated Nights, and the first question she receives from Kandi is a raunchy one.

In 2016, she became engaged to Roger Bobb, but called it off by the end of the year.

She had a supporting role with Terri Vaughn in the 2013 TV movie In the Meantime.

Aunt Lori is surprised to hear about the lack of drama in Kenya’s life for once: “Who are you and what have you done with my niece? And while Ne Ne is excited about the first two opportunities, she’s not really feeling the latter: “I’m not mean by any stretch of the means, and I’ve never been in a play where I’ve had to sing, dance or act.” Her manager finally encourages her to keep an open mind because he’s loving the idea of her being in the beloved fairytale on The Great White Way.

Either way, as long as a check is coming, Ne Ne will get with the program.

Ne Ne says they can be in the same space, but they don’t need to be that close to each other.

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While some people might not be crazy about the idea, Peter has made Cynthia more than just his partner in love and life, but also in business.She began her acting career in the stage production of Tyler Perry's play Meet the Browns.She has had film roles in Daddy's Little Girls and Breaking Up is Hard to Do. She had a son at the age of seventeen and raised him as a single mother.Kenya tells her that during drinks with Porsha, Ne Ne and Cynthia the previous week, she was “the bigger person” and hugged it out with Porsha.

She also shared that Ne Ne told her that they are friends again, so Kenya, of course, thinks that she’s back in everyone’s good graces.

And while she initially wanted to decline the award because of all the bad press surrounding her husband and his illegal acts, Phaedra says that she doesn’t want his actions and decisions to impede upon all the hard work she has done.

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