Dhcp not updating on dns

12-Mar-2020 22:25

We have a problem where all XP machines are getting registered in DNS but our own developed equipment or network printers are not.

Both our equipment and the network printers use FQDN option 81 and requests the DHCP server to update the DNS and support for this option is also enabled in the DHCP server.

I will monitor the issue for a few days and update status as it progresses Sounds like you may have stumbled onto your issue -- that is, your AD integration means that your DHCP server is letting your DNS server know each time it assigns a lease.

Since when you log off the wireless, you're NOT actually releasing the address, the DNS server is keeping that address -- as you have pointed out, for the term of the DHCP lease, or 7 days.

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As a side info perhaps helpful, when examining the audit log in the dhcp subdirectory, for a complete week, not a single DNS update is made. Best regards, Tobias Olofsson Tip: If you add you own problems to someone else's thread there is a lower probability of receiving help.Was trying that on a larger network with a lot of vlans without success. The goal is, everything that get's IP from the DHCP, is registered in the DNS. - Bjarni "Saibot75" wrote: Without option 015, DHCP cannot register in a Forward zone, it can only register in the reverse zone, even the the PTR will point to 'host' instead of 'host.domain.com' DHCP uses the domain name to know where to register A records.

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