Disadvantages of dating a married man

27-Jun-2020 23:40

Whether you're a secret, which in itself is a big challenge, time can be a little difficult. if he's really attractive you might get attached then thats usually when jealousy comes into play which wont be fun for either of you...

Let's face it we're all busy these days and the lifestyle in which we live, there are sacrifices. Well if your use to having a man all to your self you won't be getting that with a sugardaddy for sure..

So the bad thing is you need to have alot of time to find your perfect SD or SB, but if you find him/her it all be worth it.

You have to be open to accepting that there are downfalls. It is an arrangement and there are emotions and thoughts through out, however it can't turn into anything more. And if you are not like that then hopefully you can find a SD or SB like you that is more serieus, wants to think more about a future, emotionally, mentally perfect for each other.

I've never been in such a predicament but have a friend who has.

Also, when conditions of the arrangement start to change and get a bit more "abstract".

En lo particular , no creo que hayan desventajas , pero lo que si creo es que, pocos son los suggar daddies cariñosos y comprensivos , lo ideal es que como personas mayores entiendan ellos que nosotros como jóvenes necesitamos cariño, y que nos enfrían mucho , para mi un suggar daddy debe ser algo mas que alguien que te da apoyo económico, es alguien que con su experiencia en la vida te enseña a afrontar algunas dificultades con madurez y responsabilidad I have found that dating a daddy can be challenging due to the amount of time they might have for you.

Another one would be that maybe you can’t bring them around regular friends and family.

Knowing who and what you are to them will be much easier not catching feelings The disadvantage of having a sugar daddy is being with an older man that your not attracted to.

If he wants to meet you right away and you do not, tell him how you feel. Some SD and SM have a family of their own already so you can't get jealous when they want to spend time with their family and you can't come and meet their family.

It may cause them to act as if you guys are a couple and their emotions may get mixed up in what the relationship really is to you or was in the beginning and create a more stressful life the way you started out Mostly Sugar Daddys do it becuase they want to have someone who willing to fulfill their fetishes or need to dominate in the bedroom with someone since their they significant others won't come terms with them or mostly for fun. Some disadvantages may include not being attracted to your sugar daddy or that you may have to try something that you're not too comfortable like being with a man who is married.

This lead many Sugar Baby feel to always need to hid in the shadows and felt the pressure especially when they on the date or just going out to have fun since most of them want a serious relationship or even marriage. At the end of that moment it is something that you have to live with so make sure you think pass the moment when you make your decisions.

Hmm, also there are different kinds of trust that go into a sugar baby/ sugar daddy relationship I’d say there are more advantages than disadvantages.

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