Drake bell dating

06-Aug-2020 17:35

After finding out what Megan did, Drake is about to turn off the video, but right about then, the clip of Susan flirting with Josh goes on. The next day at school, Drake and Josh don't tell Susan off, but instead, Susan opens her locker and gets blasted with the same purple paint that got all over Drake and Josh‘s faces.

When the science fair day comes, Mindy returns from the mental institution and is competing with Josh.

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He and Susan leave the room but she reveals that she left her purse going back to flirting with Josh and kissing him, before leaving. The next day, Drake and Josh show the class the music video, but find that Megan had edited the clips she had filmed of Drake and Josh into the music video. Drake and Josh scold Megan, but then tell her what happened and in return, they don't tell Walter and Audrey.Drake is dating a girl named Susan, who, according to Drake, is cool, funny and awesome. Drake and Josh have to do a video project together, so Josh suggests that Drake and his band do a music video and Josh can direct it. Drake and Josh go open a closet to see which guitar Drake should use, but once they open the closet, they get blasted with purple paint. Drake comes in and Josh ends up grabbing his clothes and dressing in the closet.