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He is also friends with Anya Mac Pherson, Mia Jones, Chantay Black and Spinner Mason. In Bad Medicine, Danny hooks Derek and Leia up, after Derek tells him that he likes her.He was the former quarterback for the Degrassi Football Team. Danny was first introduced as Liberty's annoying, immature brother and eventually becomes one of J. Danny asks Leia about giving Derek a chance, and she says yes, but only if he interrupts their date to save her. Perino said that the assignment was to write a summary in his own words. Once again, Derek asks why he has to be so mean, Mr. Danny was proud of Derek for being brave and standing up to Mr. Derek and Danny were also somewhat responsible for the eventual death of J. After overhearing Toby quietly talking about a small party at Emma's house for Liberty's birthday, Derek and Danny spread the word to everyone at Degrassi, which soon lead to people outside of the school finding out, including Lakehurst. T.'s memorial service alongside Danny later in the season. After the fight, Derek and Danny get into an argument in Media Immersion, causing Darcy to tell them to be quiet. Both Danny and Derek like Rachel and after she rejects Derek she asks Danny out. He later reveals that he asked the question because he was adopted himself. During his junior year, Danny and Derek were verbally bullied by their history teacher Mr. When Danny recites his presentation on World War II, Mr. Perino was being so mean and harsh, to which he responds for them to both redo the project together. Perino threatens Derek and tells him to treat him with respect. After Danny and Derek recite their presentation on the United Nations, he calls on another student to present his presentation. Perino accuses the student of incompetency and makes inappropriate remarks when the student admits he wasn't prepared right away. Simspon about what just happened and about the previous incidents. Perino is confronted, but not fired, as he is seen in later episodes. Later in the year Peter, Danny, Derek, and Lakehurst's Rachel work together on a "How to" video.Danny (by everyone)Webster (by Manny)Dude (by Sav)Gunther Von Eisenstadt (self-appointed / fake ID name)L. Cool D (self-appointed)Afro-Dork (by Peter)Derek (by Rachel)D. He is now best friends with Sav Bhandari, Jane Vaughn, and Peter Stone. He is seen talking and giving advice or just practicing and playing in his band. T.) Daniel "Danny" Van Zandt (born 1990) was a Canadian student who attended Degrassi Community School. Danny is the younger brother of Liberty Van Zandt, best friend of J. Yorke (prior to his death) and ex-best friends with Derek Haig, although they would reconcile in Season 8. Throughout the season Danny is seen being a friend to Peter, Sav, and Spinner.While playing charades Leia feels as if she'll have to lie.

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For this reason, Derek gives Danny permission to go after Leia knowing that he secretly likes her, which also rekindles the two's friendship.Danny and Leia then discuss what happen, and share a kiss.