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22-Jan-2020 06:05

It will give an error message implying the image is too large to send even though the size is allowed by the exchange server. To fix this issue you will need to modify a file on the Exchange Server.Error: The message exceeds the maximum supported size. Please note, it is common for an attachment to be larger than it’s real size.For our power users, here's a list of Postbox's Keyboard Shortcuts.Note that these shortcuts only pertain the most current shipping version of Postbox.This allows Postbox to close the compose window immediately.However, some servers do not work well with this setting, causing messages to be stuck in the Outbox.For example, a 10 MB file might be 14 MB once attached in Entourage.This is to do with the way Entourage re-encodes attachments before being sent.

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The Entourage refuses to open at all and Every time we opened Entourage we get the error warning about the limited size being near and it stops responding.The tool provides users with an option to extract mailing folders from Entourage Mail to PST.