Ethics of dating

02-Jul-2020 20:46

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Where do I stand on questions concerning drinking, drugs, eroticism and sexual stimulation?What is my position regarding sexual relationships outside of marriage?What is the distinction to be made between ethics and morality?In the common usage of the words by the average individual of today, the words reflect the same idea and are used interchangeably.Too many people know how to use the words but do not really understand the concepts the words represent. The root from which ethike was derived is the Greek word athos (noun form) or eiotha (verb form).In its early usage athos meant a swelling or a stall referring to a place where an animal was kept.

Can I use another person in any manner I wish to fulfill my own selfish interest?

In human conduct, they referred to principles of conduct which would permit a person to function in security and stability or safeguards of human conduct which would allow a person to function responsibly.

Not to mention, everyone may randomly pair to others while logged out as well.… continue reading »

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Met a nice guy, and we started talking a lot....nothing too serious but kept in contact on a regular basis-for a few months.… continue reading »

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