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27-Dec-2019 23:35

I dig this approach and I'm going to play with it for dynamic reporting workbooks.

Right now I'm creating individual sheets and storing counts in variables so that I can produce an "overview" sheet at the end _and_ show where I got the numbers (individual sheets).

However (and this is a big issue), Excel doesn't dynamically keep track of which rows and columns are the last used in a worksheet.

For instance, let's suppose that you open a workbook, press Ctrl End, and you are taken to cell F27.

It works because apparently Excel, when it calculates the Count property for the number of rows in the worksheet, always resets the "last cell" indicator.

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Thanks Andrew I think you will find that the statement Active Sheet. You can try it by deleting a few rows and testing Ctrl End then running the command in the immediate window and then try Ctrl End again.

The following Macro code will delete all the rows below and the columns to the right of the Active Cell, then reset the scroll bars.