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An exchange administrator manages such policy tips.

Mail tips configurations are applicable to each exchange account that is configured in Outlook.

When users are created or moved to or from the OU, you have to make sure that the particular attribute you decide to use is populated or removed.

If the recipient policy is being used to assign an SMTP address from a different address space, you can generate different UPN suffixes for those domains.

This is typically done in a hosting scenario where multiple customers with different SMTP/DNS domains are hosted in a single AD forest.

Recipient Update Service (RUS) in a multi-domain forest: If your forest has multiple domains where recipients reside, you will need to run Domain Prep in those domains.

Further, policy tips service is not available in Office 2010 or earlier versions of Office.

If the user still sends an offending email, then it will be considered as a violation of the organization’s compliance policy.

Further, there is one option using which a user can provide business justification for sending such a message using policy tip.

The primary consideration here is the recipient policy used to generate email addresses.

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The default recipient policy creates two email addresses: a default SMTP address and an X.400 address.In EWS, the service configuration operation retrieves the configuration settings for policy tips and mail tips.