Facing rejection in dating

29-Dec-2019 18:01

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While it may be tempting to continue to chase the person who has rejected you, in order to deal with rejection, you need to regain confidence and boost your ego.

Start by championing yourself: do as psychologist Guy Winchadvises and ‘make a list of your positive attributes.

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However, if you're feeling the sting, there are actions you can take to mitigate the hurt.We asked Elite Singles psychologist Salama Marine for her insights: In simpler times, humans would live in tribal communities for safety as there was little chance of survival alone in the wild.As a result, our brains instilled a warning system informing us of the dangers of being rejected by a community.Many individuals going through a break up think they’re no longer worth anything to anyone.

It is therefore essential to realize your value and attributes during the post break up stage’.For, at the same time as the brain is holding on to this primal need to please the community, technology (and specifically social networks) are making that community wider than ever before, making it impossible to please everyone.

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