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25-Feb-2020 06:24

Other firms adjusted pay packages downwards to avoid protest votes.

Adding to the pressure from shareholders, Prime Minister Theresa May has said tackling unfairness in British society is an aim of her government.

C-suite compensation levels have tumbled at some companies following grumbling from shareholders.

At WPP Plc, a third of shareholders voted against CEO Martin Sorrell’s 70 million-pound pay package in June 2016.

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The number of protest votes fell to a little more than a fifth of the total after the advertising company came back last year with a more modest 48 million-pound plan for the executive.

Some firms, such as Legal & General and Aberdeen Asset Management, published pay ratios in their annual reports last year that showed the difference between what their executives were earning compared with the average by employees.

Two years on, she has yet to introduce any legislation limiting executive pay.

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“There are still grossly excessive and unjustifiable gaps between the top and the rest of the workforce,” Stern said in a statement.

Westminster is braced for a parliamentary showdown which will shape the UK's immediate and long term future as opposition MPs plot to seize control of the Commons and pass a law against a No Deal Brexit.

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