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04-Jan-2020 21:01

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may not be recommissioned for another season (something about pay; sketchy on the details because we got distracted looking at Phil Dunphy gifs, tbh) we started thinking of everything we'd miss about it. But mostly, it was the classic dynamics between those brilliant characters. The stepdaughter-the-same-age dynamic is an interesting one but isn't explored that often so they come down the bottom. A man that good at comedy gold should not be able to reduce us to tears so easily, it is not right. Jay and Gloria You think it's going to be a clichéd case of an older man who's loaded and a hot trophy wife with big boobs, and instead it's obvious amidst Jay's grumbling and Gloria pronouncing some words wrongly on karaoke or getting the baby Jesus confused with baby cheeses that they are totally, utterly in love. Luke and Manny repeats over and over with spag bol on our laps forever anyway).… continue reading »

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