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Before that, he was General Manager of RBI Solar, helping to start the company in 2009. There, he oversaw strategic global sourcing and material spending for multiple Carrier locations. Watorek was appointed Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary in April 2017. Watorek had served as Gibraltar's Director of Financial Planning & Analysis since 2012 and Manager of External Reporting since 2008. Watorek's experience at Gibraltar includes budgeting and forecasting, managing the Company's real estate portfolio, as well as valuation and due diligence of prospective M&A targets. Watorek progressed through a series of roles with Ernst & Young from 2002 to 2008 including Audit Manager.

He also had previously served as Commercial Division Manager for Rough Brothers.

The museum's establishment is credited to General Sir Alexander Godley, who was installed as Governor of Gibraltar in 1928.

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Founders of the organisation included then curator of the museum Joaquin Bensusan and Clive Finlayson, the current museum director.In 2018, the Heritage Trust Act 1989 which provided the legal framework for the management of the museum, was replaced with the Heritage and Antiquities Act 2018.The new legislation updated the name of the museum to officially recognise it as the national museum of Gibraltar.The choice was fortunate as under one of them, Ordnance House, the former residence of the Assistant Director of Ordnance Stores, lay chambers of a bathhouse from the Moorish period, which had been used as a semi-underground stable.

The Gibraltar Museum was opened on 24 July 1930 and on the first anniversary (10th of July 1931), the Gibraltar Museum Ordinance was passed as "An Ordinance relating to Ancient Monuments and Antiquities and to provide for the management of the Gibraltar Museum".

Its primary objective was to assist the colonial authorities in the foundation of a museum.