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Sexual trauma occurs after an abusive sexual experience is so emotionally distressing that it overwhelms one’s ability to cope.Teachers, health care providers and other professionals are mandated to report suspected abuse.If you or a loved one is experiencing sexual trauma or symptoms of sexual trauma, get help right away.{"app Config":{"language":"en-US","messages":{"hotpot":"json","group_invite.header":"You've been invited to join a Group on Snapchat.","group_invite.cta":"Create an account or login then tap here.","group_invite.step_1":"Step 1","group_invite.step_2":"Step 2","games.install":"Install Snapchat","games.need_snapchat":"You'll need to install Snapchat to play with your friends.","":"Play Now!

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","player.add_friend":"Snap to add friend","player.h_ago_updated":"Updated h ago","player.m_ago_updated":"Updated m ago","player.s_ago_updated":"Updated s ago","player.just_now":"Just Now","player.now_watching":"Now Watching","player.privacy_policy":"Privacy Policy","player.scan_to_add":"Scan to Add","player.server_error":"Something went wrong.Adequate social support can also help them incorporate their experiences into a realistic and reasonable world view that will allow ongoing personal growth and prevent future victimization.

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