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27-Feb-2020 09:45

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Feel free to email me if you would like further details.- Jean Ellis, March 2006 I walked into Great Expectation local office here in Columbus and was confronted by very rude and high pressure sales girl who was very unprofessional and was quick to throw condesending words towards me because I questioned the value vs cost.The third was ,500, I would not have to pay for the mixers and would have unlimited holds on my profile. I told her it was too much money, far above what other dating services charge and that I was in control of my finances and did not want to lose that.She went back to belittleing me telling me I was getting to old and that I would never have children and would die alone.I told her I had just eleminated my debt, and did not want to get back into it, and that I do not make decisions without research, thought, and discussion with those I know. The basic level was for like k for one year, and the singles mixer parties I would have to pay for.

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Call it old-fashion but the thoroughly interviewed and carefully screened dates are well worth the pricey paid membership.

she began to lower the rate each tome she left the room and came back just to keep me from leaving. But after reading all the negative reviews I am going to call and cancel and drive down first thing in the morning Be warned I will not be fooled again and hope this helps others... When I got home I googled the website and could not find it, but I did find one called