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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Let it ** be terrible and fpeedy ; let it make the tyrants of ** the earth tremble. The attempt to pull down the king, that a re- gency of learned men might govern, prefented no very 32 M A R A t. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. — Let the blood of the moft ** worthlefs of confpirators expiate his crimes without " delay "^^^ It is very hnprobable that a man who favoured fuch an addrefs, (hould be an advocate for an appeal to the people, or for any other meafurc tending to fave the king. n« B3 in 6 LEPELLETIEIL in a public coffec-houfe, in the moft frequented part of Pari«, and yet the affai Sn efcape, without any ef- fort being made to detain him. very favourable profpeft to the mob, but to tell them of plunder, of an agrarian law, an exemption from reftraint, and a poi Teflion in common of all authority and all property, was an irrefiftible al- lurement. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. The fubjed of thefe memoirs was bred to the pro* Birth and £d! pelletier,'* heanfwered; *' but I am no fcoundrel/* — " Did you not vote for the death of the king ? " I did," anfwered the deputy ; " but " that was a duty impofed on me by my confcience." Hardly had he uttered thefe words, when the perfon to whom they were addrefled, plunged a fabre in his body, and made his efcape. siftjanu- Ten days after Lepelletier's death, his prefumed ^1 »793- aflaflin was difcovered, at Forges les. He was Death of SJi ex-guard of the king, named Paris. % Tallien*s Report to the Convent JCDi February 5th. — Let no one be moleftcd.— The *^ French are a nation of daftards, to whom I leave " thefe words : « Pcuplc, dont ks forfaits jcttcnt partout reffiroi, ^* Avec calme et plaifir j'abandonne la vie, Ja. 4I5 St^t ^ 1^ France, par M, le Comte Kle Montgaiilard^ p. He was, at length, denounced to the *^9»* affembly by M. 33 etitj obtained by Br HTot and hk £idion, at tke feme dme againft the abb^ Royou, editor c^ r Jnii (hi Rot. We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. ion of the law, and attained the in^ortant and profefflon. The wounded deputy ^'^Ja""- was taken home, and expired at one o'clock the next ^^^' morning. • See Debates in ihe Convention, airt January, 8ih nnd a^th Fe- bruary, 1793. After the pans, hit death of Lepelletier, a fearch had been direfted, rourdwer ^^^^^ ^^^ ^hsit the 29th, on which day Paris is fuppofed to have made his efcape ; he purfued his way to Forges, where he arrived the 31ft. neral ceremony, his two brothers attended at the bar ""*'^' of the convention, with his infant daughter,andoneof them holding her up, exclaimed with fobs, " People, Hisdaugh. *' The convention immediately ^y ^^^^^ pai Ted a decree, that thif retreat, therefoie» wa» no great inconvenience to him. Beugnot, for having, in one of his ced, ' Journals, inftigated the foldiery tofacrifice their gene* rah to the public welfare. Seals were OTdered to be placed on the houfes and prefles of both*. Decrees of arreft were ii Tued againft him, but never executed ; and previous to the 20th of June he was as audacious as ever, inftig^ting infurre^on, and inforcing the murder of the king ^. Marat was in perfon very diminutive ; his head Defc Hp- difproportionately large ; his complexion livid and **°|J.»« cadaverous, and his countenance Angularly ex- mannm? No au'^ thentic mention is made of his condud in this fitu- ation ; it is therefore reafonable to believe his own reprefentation, that he behaved in fuch a manner as to deferve the approbation of his fuperior officers^ He adds, that he compiled a laborious work, which was much applauded by thofe -who had fccn it, but was fuppreffed by his rather "♦ During his flay in this iiland, he af Tumed the name of Burn^re, derived from an eftate belonging to his fiimily ". At the termination of the war he returned to Marries* France, and addifted himfelf to every fpecies of irre^ gularity.

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Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. His father was St judge, and filled that oi Ece with remarkable feve- rity. 34.7« ' Madame Jloland ca Ht him «a poor rich man,** hoamtfii Uett r Uy. Six perfons came from an ad- joining apartment, and one of them faid, " There is ♦* that fcoundrel Lepelletier.** — " My name is Le^. No men- tion was made of it in the firft report of the affair to the convention, and the fidtion was obvioufly calcu- lated to anfwer two views ; to counterad: the im- preffion of the lad wc^ds of the monarch, and to excite fufpidons of the Briflbtines, by the hope they contain, tha( the death of the fp^er would unmq/k the enemies of the republic. EPELLETIER; ^ Fargeau* If he had not fallen^ I would have done ^ a more praife-worthy a£tion, I would have purged ** the country of the regicide, the patricide, the par- ** ricide, Orleans. His publications became more atrocious and fan* guinary j he made no fcruple to recommend the de- uruftion of three hundred thoufand perfons, as j JMay ariftocrats".

Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. honorable office of prefident a Mortier^ in the par- liament of Paris*** Before the rerolution, Lepelletier was rertiarkably Condu A unobtruiive ; he forbore interfering in the difputes Pj^^'o"«to &c« p. Such is the account of this event given in the con- ohferva- vention, and publifhed by their authority. Mountain availed themfelves of the pretended cir- ciimftances, to impute the far? But there are many improbabilities in the narrative ; particularly that fo long a converfa- tion, and fo deliberate a murder, (hould take place ■ Rohcfpierrc a f«$ Commettaps, vol. The manner in which he behaved at the inn exciting fome fufpicions, a guard was fent for ; and while they were putting fome queftions to him, he blew out his brains, nmih a double-barrelled pi Jlo U loaded with two chewed bullets ^. Beugnot complained that thefe writings had been prefented to the minifter, Duranton, who had not taken proper meafures to have the publilher punifhed. de Vaublanc en- forced this accufation by producing another of Marat's papers, in which he recommended to the people to dcfiroy^ with fire and fword^ the rotten majority of the affembly. But, at this period, the regicide fa£Hon was fo Jane; firong, and their afcendancy fo confirmed, that Marat fjj! Notwithftanding the fuccefs which attended that dif- Behavfdur graceful day, and the meafures which were purfued and^otl!

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. When he was ftripped, two papers were found next his ftomach ; the tender-hearted Tallien declined fhewing them to the convention, becaufe, being ftained with blood, they were a difguf Ung fpeftacle ; but, on his word, one of them contained thefe expreflions : ** My brevet of honor." — ** Let no one be molefted. The incendiary was defended by his congenial friends, Bazire, Chabot, and Mer- lin ; a long and tumultuous debate enfued, at the clofe of which, a decree of accufation was iffued againft him, but its eflfeft was reduced by ^ fimilar ■ Peltier's late Pi Clure of Par U, vol. ^ to mfure more extcnfive confequences to that per- Augufc fidious plot which, after fome delays, was executed on the loth of Auguft, he is faid by Brifibt to have been fo deficient in courage, that he requefted Barbaroux to convey him to Marfeilles as a place of &fety*.

ventiool not for an obfcure department, where his name was little known, and his vices only appeared in general details, but for Paris, the capital of the ftate, the centre of his crimes, t Jie fcene of all his atrocities; Paris, where it is hardly a figure to fay that the very walls cried out againft him, as a murderer, an incen- diary, and a ruffian more fit for the gibbet than the fenate.

Meanwhile, the eledion for the national conven- Bleaed tion were proceeding, the friends of Marat were de- "J^^^^^^^ of tennined to obtain him a feat ; and for what place !

Maintain attribution The Google "watermark" you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. No one was my accom- " plice in the fortunate execution of the villain St. He was appointed liflied libels againft his wife% This was the begin- ning of a conteft which in about nine months over* threw the fadion of Briifotines.

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