Hardison and parker dating

23-Mar-2020 02:19

He made her feel safe, he made her feel things she thought she could never feel.

He told her he loved her, and that he'd protect her from everything and anything that dared to harm her. Prototype- Outkast Hardison opened his eyes and groaned a little, adjusting to the morning sun. She looked so beautiful with the stray sun rays shining down on her, blonde hair lying in her eyes on his chest.

She also had this undeniable feeling like she was falling, but she didn't know where, how, or why. As soon as their little summer vacation was over, they went back to their quirky, sort of profesional (if you could call it that) relationship.

She didn't know what these feelings were, but she hoped they would stop soon. Hardison wasn't okay with it at first, but hey, if he could get closer to her just for the summer, it was still something, and maybe it could turn into something more.

They're awesome and the music video for the song is awesome.

You should really check them out especially their songs Biology, Long Hot Summer, Sound of the Underground, Whole Lotta History and their live cover of Teenage Dirtbag, specifically their performance, not just the song.

I was bored and listening to my mp3 player and thought why not do a shuffle fic.

I'm in computer class so I can finally upload some stuff, but I for got the final chapter to my Charmed story Oh, Grandma. I really wish I could finish off my peanut M&M's, but oh well.

Hardison was always showing his feeling in some way, shape or form, but she never did any of those things for him.

Behind him he could hear Sophie and Elliot walk in.

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