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11-Sep-2020 04:38

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Everyone has a different preference in who they date and the reasons why.

Men, women, short, or tall we all have a list of things we would want in a potential SO.

So I wonder: Is women’s preference for taller men about fundamental attraction, and therefore carries a similar innate significance as men wanting their female partners to be prettier? Height is an automatic physical indicator of safety and security. Because I want some I’m not looking for a romantic commodity; I want a product.

I swiped right, even though her bio merely read: Before I get into why I find the above silly, I’ll posit a couple hypotheses as to why it may be legit. I once read results of a study that concluded it’s significantly important that men find their female partner more attractive than themselves. But I would stretch a long way out of that comfort to be with someone with a mind that matches mine.

Yes, I like boobs as much as the next guy, but size is near the bottom of the list for me, next to height.

Probably going to get downvoted for this, but after reading through this subreddit the majority of it is so negative. But when they see a short man with a tall girl he's doing great.

Women are VERY superficial about height, I don't really know why, but I'm pretty sure it's an innate thing and not something they actively choose like men who prefer ass over tits. There is no "weird hangup" when it comes to dating.

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Some men won't date blondes or women who don't have an athletic build...” It's not the first toe-curlingly embarrassing text exchange to sweep the web in recent months.” She responded that she wears them “cuz they are hot”, unlike, apparently, men who are short.

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