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Surgery also can have side effects such as incontinence or a loss of sexual sensation.

Dreger proposes that hermaphrodites be treated as an anatomical variation, like differences in skin or hair colour, rather than as an abnormality.

When surgery or hormonal treatment is considered, many factors are taken into account.

The dominant sex of the baby is determined using many tests, including chromosome tests, urine tests and ultrasound to determine the internal genitalia of the baby."The baby’s appearance is considered, and all factors are considered before this life-changing decision gets made.

Nature, not nurture In two studies, Reiner and other Johns Hopkins researchers found that prenatal exposure to normal male hormones determines male gender, even in chromosomal males born without a penis.The genitalia can vary from completely male or female, to a combination of both or even ambiguous looking.Female pseudo means that a person has XX chromosomes with normal female internal organs but with masculanised genitalia, while male psuedo means that person is born with XY chromosomes.But critics don’t agree."Some kids are born with big ears," says Alice Dreger, an assistant professor of science and technology studies at Michigan State University who has researched extensively on intersex issues.

"Do we say, 'My God, this kid can't survive with big ears?

In porn, this means a person with a penis and a vagina performing in sex scenes.

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